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Over 43,000+ customers have brought likes from Tikoid and upgraded their TikTok posts.

How do I pay for my likes?


Tikoid accepts all major card payments as well as Apple Pay.

When a payment is made, we process your payment through bank-grade encryption so that you can make payments with total peace of mind. All payments are one-off and we don't store any of your card/billing details.

How long do the likes stay on my account?


Once you've placed an order for TikTok likes, we'll keep an eye on your posts for 30-days to ensure you don't lose any likes that you've ordered.

In the event you lose any likes, we'll refill your likes through our Tikoid Auto-Refill service. This service comes free with all of our orders and is part of our guarantee.

All of the high-quality likes will stay on your account so long as you don't deactivate your TikTok account.

Is it illegal to buy Real likes for my account?


Tikoid only provides 100% legitimate and legal likes. The myth of buying likes on our platform has been busted a long time ago and we're happy to say that you can buy with confidence.

Never settle for subpar quality, and always get Premium quality likes from Tikoid. Avoid any trouble with our real and high-quality likes. With over 90,000+ happy customers, Tikoid is the most established platform to buy TikTok engagement.

Do I have to give you my account password?


Here at Tikoid, we know that when giving sensitive information, it can be daunting. That's why we don't require any TikTok passwords. We simply need the username so that our users know where to search for your TikTok profile and start interacting with your post and also hit that "like" button.

To avoid a ban from TikTok or any other services, we strongly advise you to use a prominent growth agency like Tikoid. As we've been delivering thousands of likes since 2017, we've been able to tailor our system based on our customer's feedback. This has also given us enough experience to separate poor quality likes from high-quality likes.

Be wary of websites, mobile and desktop apps that claim to get you real authentic likes by requiring your password. We've been able to achieve this without any need for your personal details. Just like a friend who wants to follow you, all they need is your TikTok username and that's it! We've seen on the news, where TikTok users have had their account hacked/hijacked, and we don't want you among those people. So be mindful of who you give you personal information to and trust only reputable services such as Tikoid.

How to get more likes on TikTok?


Amass more likes than ever by focusing on quality over quantity. What truly separates a bad TikTok page from an exceptional TikTok page is the creativity that goes into each post and if they're interesting.

Tailoring your posts to your audience's interest is key. This is why TikTok's analytics section is used by the majority of the most successful influencers. This tool gives influencers a glimpse of who they should be targeting. To access your TikTok analytics:

  1. While on the TikTok app, click on the ellipsis at the top right
  2. Under account, you should see the "Analytics" tab
  3. Click on the Analytics tab

From our users, the best type of feedback is getting in touch with your own followers and ask them what they personally will find engaging and interesting.

That being said, even if you have the greatest content, you definitely will need social proof so that TikTok users potentially engage with your content. This is where our Likes service comes into action to help you go viral!

What's the quality of real likes?


Here at Tikoid, our first priority is quality. After all, if a service can provide instant delivery but can't provide high-quality engagement then what's the point of providing a service in the first place?

Our eye for high-quality likes, is the very reason we have customers that have ordered over 2-years ago, still ordering till this day.

We distinguish high quality likes from poor quality likes by filtering TikTok accounts that don't meet our quality checks by our account approval team. Once we've approved a high-quality account, we also check if the account is active, so this way you don't get engagement from "ghost accounts".

Only accounts with the highest quality score and authority, will interact with your posts. So you can order with us, at ease, knowing we'll provide you with the greatest quality in likes.

Verified Feedback & Reviews

As trusted leaders of providing TikTok Likes, we've been able to serve over 75,000+ customers. Check out what customers are saying about us:

Extremely happy with my order

Ordered with no expectations, but more than happy with my order! So quick and fantastic quality. 

Sadiq Zaman

  perfect services

Fast service, nothing else to say. 

Olivia Rodrigues 

  Worked great for my son

  My Son wanted to buy some likes to promote his gaming content, he was very happy with the order. Highly appreciated

Fahad Hayat 

Really nice website

Nice and simple website made ordering a breeze!

IIya Anjelika 


Thank you service was good

Hasim Zahira

Works like a charm

From purchasing my order to receiving it only took 10 minutes!

Christee Melanie

  Great for my business

  Tikoid was exactly what I needed to boost my business and give that overall security our account needed. Will definitely be back for my other businesses!

Gilead Bempah

Great services

In only a few minutes I received my whole order, extremely impressive, will definitely be recommending to others.

Shashi Ajay

Works Well

Worked as intended

Safran Sumaya

Good service

I’ve used Tikoid plenty of times no issues each time

Shayaan Khan 

No issues

No issues with the order, highly recommend.

James Kurt

Happy with my order

  Very satisfied with my order

Aya Shaban


  Was extremely useful in building my account

Kristi Jessy

  Great consistency

I always order from Tikoid, always very consistent quality, very happy.

Amelia Rachels 

Not what I was expecting

I was expecting to receive a lot of low quality bots on my account, but they was surprisingly decent!

Hibah Mahmood 

Worth the look!

Had little faith that this would work as I wanted, but the quality was a lot better than I expected! Worth the try.

Jayden Turner


Service was fast and quality was great. Very happy

Tobias James

Really interesting!

It is really interesting how well the service worked in boosting organic growth, in only a few days

Alim Mahmmad 

Great for gaming channel

Tikoid was the boost I needed to get more organic growth on my gaming channel!

Umar Ahmed 

Almost Instant

It delivered so quickly I thought something went wrong hahaha. Fantastic service

Daniel Lovett

Quality Likes

I love this platform, they always give me the best quality likes to my account!

Sam Hurtford


Tikoid was really useful in helping me grow my Tiktok account. With the combination of its followers, likes and views, I was able to overall increase the attraction to my account. More specifically, I was able to get more like-minded followers that are most likely to share my content.

Shahzad Ahmed

Simple and easy to use

Payment was simple and easy! Unlike other services

Mark Shelley

Good purchase

Paid for a service and received it

Nikolai Vassily

Not disappointed

  I was quite skeptical considering I’ve used tiktok services in the past that were of poor quality. Tikoid likes took me by surprise, very good quality given how cheap it is! Nothing but good things to say.

Shannon Doyle

  boosted my likes

Was unhappy with the likes my videos were getting, this was the boost that fixed it.

Qasim Iqbal

  great for my business

  Exactly what I needed to get the word of my business out!

Ashley fitzgerald

Very good

happy with purchase

Baqi Zain


  Great service

Caitalyn Smith 

  A must if you are looking for quick growth

These extra likes was exactly what my account needed for the algorithm to begin recommending my content to more people, a must have!

Arraf Nawaz

  Happy with my purchase

I got exactly what I ordered, very satisfied with my order.

Edan Clayton

  Speedy customer service

  There was a slight issue with my ordering not delivery. Customer service sorted this out for me almost immediately and even gave me some extra likes. Very thankful!

Adan Federico

Fast and quick

Easy to use and delivery was very quick, can’t complain

Sharif Inayat

the boost my account needed

My account wasn’t picking the attracting I wanted. This gave me the boost I need.

Roman Franciscus 

Surprisingly good quality

I was quite skeptical about using Tiktok likes services since there are quite a lot of trash ones out there. However, I was pleasantly surprised! Very good quality and decent price.

Pawandeep Singh
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Want to buy TikTok likes?


Why should you buy TikTok likes?

TikTok has become one of the most recognised social media hubs within the last few years. Amassing over 1 billion active users in 2021 with 205.3% growth in 2019, it's a no brainer that it has become the no.1 advertisement platform via social media.

To maximize your exposure and land on the infamous 'for you page', you must tailor your content to your audience and add a distinctive element to your posts. A higher level of engagement will increase your chances of showing up on the FYP.

So now that we've briefly explained the what, it's to move on to the how. How can you boost your content engagement and reach as many users as possible?

Well, that's where Tikoid comes in! As we've been doing so for the last five years, we provide high-quality likes for our customers. These likes then show that your posts have higher engagement rates, which will boost your chances of landing on the 'for you page' and add a credible and trustworthy feel to your TikTok page.


How much does it cost to buy TikTok likes?

All it takes is a quick search on the Internet, and you can find a bunch of Tiktok service providers. On average, TikTok likes start from $2 for 100 likes. This price is undoubtedly reasonable, however, in a lot of cases, they may be a scam.

Purchasing these likes often results in your account being flooded by fake bots, and fake accounts. This can sometimes result in your account being banned by TikTok.

Here at Tikoid, we pride ourselves in providing the best TikTok likes the web has to offer. We give our customers the opportunity to invest in


Why do brand owners and influencers choose Tikoid?

Tikoid has become a hub of TikTok services for an abundance of influencers using the platform to promote and advertise. With marketing as a primary objective, many influencers ask, how do we reach as many people as possible? Well as for 2022, it has been said to be the most downloaded app with over 3.5 billion downloads worldwide.

Well-known influencers like Wil Smith and The Rock make use of Instagram to grow their social media presence and connect with customers on a personal level.

Tikoid provides influencers and general TikTok users with the chance to boost their page and reach out to a substantial sum of TikTokers to have their voices heard. Our TikTok likes increase your chances of landing on the ‘for you page' by a large margin, skyrocketing you into TikTok fame!


Buy TikTok likes at Tikoid

Stuck on who to use? Not too sure which web pages are trustworthy? Don't worry, we're here to help you. At Tikoid, we focus on providing customers with the best TikTok services money can buy. In addition, we want to eradicate the dismissive stereotype surrounding the purchasing of TikTok likes.

At Tikoid, we make sure each and every like is provided from an account that has been verified by our quality control team. This ensures that your posts are not bombarded with bots that make your page feel improper.

So take a leap of faith, and invest in Tikoid likes today; you won't be disappointed.

As Richard Branson said: "A big business starts small."


Benefits to buying TikTok likes cheap?

To grow your page and receive a high engagement ratio on your posts, you must use the right tools and services to ensure all the time and money you have invested is paying off. In Q2 of 2021, consumers had spent a total of $535 million on the TikTok app(

With Tikoid, you can really take your page onto another level as you invest in high-quality likes, which will assist you in reaching as many TikTok users as possible.

Furthermore, here are a few bonuses for buying TikTok likes:

  • Your page's ranking will improve
  • Promote the visibility of your TikTok page and brand
  • Increases your chances of new organic users interacting with your posts.
  • Building a network of highly engaged posts is attractive to influencers and companies.

You can access all of the following benefits buy investing in TikTok likes with Tikoid. We guarantee the leading and most superior likes money can buy!


Is it safe to buy likes on TikTok?

The short and sweet answer is NO. There is a common misconception when it comes to buying TikTok services, but we beg to differ. Many believe that your account can get permanently banned from buying TikTok likes, but this simply is not the case.

With that being said, there are always hackers and scam companies that will ask for your password as a method to provide you with TikTok likes. However, we suggest that you steer away from these companies, and they will often try to hack and scam you.


How long does it take to deliver?

Purchasing TikTok likes through Tikoid is simple.

  1. Enter your personal details
  2. Make a payment for your chosen package
  3. Watch the Instagram likes arrive in your account!

With thousands of happy customers and over five years of experience, we have gathered enough data and intel to ensure that we provide our customers with the best likes possible. We take pride in providing our customers with the most outstanding likes to help them achieve their dreams and make them come true!


Will it affect my TikTok account?

Buying TikTok likes is a safe and simple method many influencers use to boos their page, and improve it's ranking. However, purchasing low-quality bots from an unreliable service provider can often lead to your account being spammed, which may negatively impact your ranking.

Here at Tikoid, we have a strict criteria for our likes, and we verify that each like is compliant with TikTok's T&Cs. With thousands of good reviews, we can assure you that you're in good hands!

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