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How do I pay for my views to increase engagement?


To ensure all payment transactions are safe and easy to do, we accept all major card payments, including ApplePay. In addition, all payments are instant, so we do not need to store any of your card or personal details.

To keep all payments secure, we process them through bank-grade security. So you can rest assured that all your payment transactions are safe.

How long do the views stay on my video post?


Once you have purchased a TikTok views package with us, we will monitor your account for 30-days. Our quality control team will keep an eye on your account, and in the unlikely case you lose any views, we will happily refill them for you.

All TikTok views purchased through Tikoid are compliant with TikTok's T&Cs, so they will remain on your post so long as you don't deactivate your account.

Is it illegal to buy real views on TikTok?


All of our TikTok views are 100% legal and has been since the launch of TikTok!

One of Tikoid's primary focuses is to get rid of this negative image associated with buying TikTok opinions to boost your ranking.

That's why we ensure that all views provided to customers are of the highest quality.

Do I have to give you my TikTok Password?


Tikoid will NEVER ask for your password, as we understand this is something personal to you.

We only ask that your profile is on public, so that there can be a smooth transaction between our accounts and the views reaching your posts.

We recommend that you only purchase TikTok views from commendable TikTok service providers, or you may be at risk of being banned by TikTok.

Furthermore, be wary of websites that do ask for your password. They will most likely attempt to scam you or hack your account. Here at Tikoid, we want you to feel safe without exposing your details.

How to get more video views for free?


Aside from purchasing TikTok views, you can use various organic methods to increase your video views.

Here are a few examples below:

  • See what is working for your competitors, and tailor your content to this
  • Experiment with different video types: comedic, educational or stimulating, so far educationonal posts are booming in 2022!
  • Review your audience's age, and their response to your videos
  • Contact your viewers via direct message, and see what they enjoy

There is no doubt that buying TikTok views is an excellent method to boost your page's ranking and increase your chances of landing on the for you page. However, the most efficient and profitable approach to boost your exposure is to use both organic methods and purchase TikTok views. So take a leap of faith, and invest in TikTok views with Tikoid!

What's the quality of the video views?


At Tikoid, we want to provide every customer with the best TikTok views money can buy! To ensure every individual view is of the highest quality, we have manually handcrafted a team that uses TikTok’s statistics to monitor all accounts that fit within our criteria/statistics.

These statistics include:

  • Follower's
  • Likes
  • Age of account
  • Activity of account
  • Number of regular engagements

With these stats being taken into account, we can choose only the best accounts for our customers. So take a coffee break, and let us bring in the views!

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As trusted leaders of providing TikTok Views, we've been able to serve over 75,000+ British customers. Check out what customers are saying about us:

Best one by far

I had a good search for a good Tiktok service provider. I tried quite a few and was left disappointed with the fake feeling accounts and expensive prices. Tikoid was by far the best one i've tried, affordable prices, and despite that, great quality!

Jamilah Husayn

Always consistent

I've been using Tikoid for awhile and it's always consistently the best!

Elliot Jones

Works like a charm!

Worked immediately, got no complaints!

Paul Cathy

Bit rocky but great customer support

A bit of a rocky start with an issue with my ordering delivery. However, customer support was extremely helpful and they solved my issue immediately. Very grateful!

Vasili Nelli

Just as effective as ads

Using Tikoid services to boost your account pushes your content into more people's feeds, extremely effective for growth.

Zackary Harve


Very good, thank you.

Nasim Adil

Love it!

Easy to use service!

Gulshan Abrar

Great for a new account

Tikoid is great for getting started on Tiktok, getting you past that initial period of no attraction

Julian Leonard

Good prices

Great prices for the what you are getting. Highly recommend!

Amy Anderson

Speedy delivery

Extremely quick delivery!

Owen Hutchinson

Does what it says on the box

Works as advertised.

Imtiaz Rehman

Ideal results

Using Tikoid my account's organic growth has grown so much!

Jordan Lascelles

By far the best way to grow your Tiktok account?

I've tried many different tiktok services to grow your account, and only Tikoid gave me the results I was after. Paired with regular advertising methods, Tikoid helped my account grow immensely.

Dawood Asad

Fantastic Service

Within 10 minutes had my entire order, couldn't be more happy!

Maalik Ibtihaj


Great website!

Mehmood Ali

Darren is a legend

Had an issue with my order not delivering and Darren came through and even gave me extra views.

Arif Zubair

Satisfied with my order

Got exactly what I wanted, thank you Tikoid

Marva Lilian

Very reasonable prices

Great prices for the amount of quality you are receiving

Jawad Fayiz

Best service

I've tried many different Tiktok service providers and Tikoid is always consistently the best. Haven't had any issues that weren't fixed on the same day by their fantastic customer support. By far my favourite.

Marisa Dove


Fantastic service, absolutely no problems.

Ali Ziya al-Din

Does as it says

Ordered views and got exactly what I ordered, can't complain.

Kurt Smith

In control of your whole order

I love how Tikoid gives so much details regarding my order. Real time tracking lets you know exactly where your order is.

Ansar Yasmeen

Lovely customer support

My card wasn't being accepted so I messaged the customer support. Darren was very helpful and had my order working on the same day.

Aileen Julie

Instant delivery

Took me back how fast these orders deliver! Always consistently the fastest

Irfan Yasir


Views was good thank you

Arijit Anoop

Daughter's happy

Bought this for my daughter and she's very happy.

Tapiwa Hauwa

Amazing for growth

Buying services through Tikoid was so useful in boosting my account's organic growth. Overall, I rack in a lot more views and likes.

Haris Zubair

A good boost

A great boost to my Tiktok pages, overall my videos are getting more attention. Couldn't be more grateful

Nida Raja

Really cheap

By far the cheapest services I've used and the best quality I've received.

Rasul Samina

Perfect for small businesses

Exactly what I needed to boost my business. My business wasn't gaining the attraction it was before covid, and I thought I needed something else to grow. I found that Tiktok and Tikoid was exactly what I needed to get the word of my business out there!

Isabella Thornton

Immediate delivery

Received my order in only a few minutes, very incredible.

Leena Iqbal

Not to sleep on

I was very skeptical about buying views but I was pleasantly surprised! Fast delivery and great quality

Alex Clancy

Really good

Great service

Usman Ahmed

Great service

Ordered work just as intended.

Sanjay Singh

Smooth delivery

Smooth delivery, views were on my video within minutes, very satisfied.

Oscar Smith
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Want to buy TikTok likes?


Why should you buy TikTok Views?

TikTok has become the latest hub for social media, with influences and content creators producing promotional content and entertainment for over 1 billion users worldwide. In addition, small businesses can push their products with sponsors and partnerships to reach all corners of the world.

TikTok videos form a big part of the social media outlet. The application predominantly comprises videos that can accumulate views, likes, and shares. A large part of a content creator's ability to maximize exposure is through engagement, which boosts their chances of landing on the FYP page.

We believe that increasing your posts' views will undoubtedly give your profile more credibility and give your followers and TikTok the impression that your content has a high engagement rate.

Here at Tikoid, our primary goal is to provide our customers with the best and highest-quality views. So sit back and relax, and bring life to your TikTok account!


How much does it cost to buy TikTok views?

Buying TikTok Views can become challenging, especially when looking for a reliable supplier that provides cheap, good-quality views. However, with the market average floating around $4 for 1,000 views, there's no doubt that TikTok Views are accessible to many TikTokers.

However, although this may seem like an out-of-the-world deal, sometimes things aren't as they seem. For instance, some TikTok service providers may supply bots and ghost accounts which doesn't look suitable for your account.

Hence, we feel it is a good idea to buy from suppliers with reputable services and experience in this market. Here at Tikoid, we have been providing thousands of customers with tens of thousands of views for their TikTok accounts, which has helped push their page to more TikTokers.


Why do brand owners choose Tikoid?

Since its launch in 2016, TikTok has grown exponentially around the world. Available in over 150 countries, the average user opens the app 19 times daily. Countless celebrities have also joined TikTok over the years, ranging from Jason Derulo to Harry Styles to Cardi B.

These famous household names use TikTok views to boost their pages and reach as many TikTok users as possible. This type of outreach will aid TikTokers in coming into contact with audiences, influencers, businesses, and many more opportunities. In addition, small companies use TikTok to interact with their customers on a personal level.

Here at Tikoid, we want to make all of our customer's dreams come true! We understand that going viral on TikTok would inevitably bring in an abundance of new customers, so we provide high-quality views for our customers to ensure they can go famous on the social media app.


Benefits of buying Instagram views cheap?

Here at Tikoid, we want to give our customers the most-effective method of growing their TikTok pages. A particular aspect we like to look at views. Boosting the number of views you have will inevitable grow your page organically and increase the ranking of your account.

We want to offer our customers cheap, reliable reviews so they can focus on other ways to grow their TikTok page.

In addition to our high-quality service, buying Tikoid views also offers the following benefits:

  • It helps boost the reputation and credibility of your page
  • Increase in profile traffic
  • Increase in account visibility
  • Higher chances of users interacting with your page

Is it safe to buy views on TikTok?

On many occasions, it has been stereotyped that buying TikTok views is risky. Most users fear they will receive a permanent ban on their account or get scammed out of a deal.

However, we are here to reassure you that this is not the case, so long as you buy from a trustworthy supplier. Here at Tikoid, we want to give our customers the best experience possible, and we believe this is achieved by providing only the best TikTok views money can buy, as we've been doing for the past five years!


How long does it take to deliver?

Buying TikTok views with Tikoid is a simple and easy process.

  1. Please enter your details so we can locate your account
  2. Make a payment for the package you'd like
  3. Watch the views arrive in your account within minutes!

With thousands of happy customers, we have gathered the most efficient and sustainable resources to rapidly deliver all of our customer's orders at the highest quality possible. So take a leap of faith, and invest in Tikoid views today!


Will it affect my TikTok account?

Buying TikTok views is undoubtedly a fast and easy way to boost your TikTok exposure. However, many believe that it harms your account and organic statistics. Well, the truth is it does NOT, as long as you buy from the correct TikTok service providers.

For example, purchasing cheap, low-quality, bot-like views may result in your account being banned. Many websites have little to no criteria for their TikTok views and supply many customers with ghost accounts.

Here at Tikoid, we have strict criteria that ensure that all views comply with Tikoid's strict guidelines. That said, we can assure you that Tikoid views are 100% safe and will not put your account at any risk of getting banned.

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