Frequently Asked Questions

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My order has not started, what should I do? +

When an order has started, this is usually down to a few reasons. Please ensure you\'ve:

  • Type in the correct TikTok username
  • Not changed the TikTok username on your TikTok account
  • Allowed 24 hours for the start of delivery
  • Set the TikTok username to public

If you\'ve ensured all of the above, and still delivery has not started or has been paused for more than a day, then please contact us so that we can personally look into this issue.

Why is my follower count going low?+

From time to time, sometimes your TikTok followers will drop from not having interest in your content. But if you experience drops of TikTok followers in first 30 days of your purchase, we will happily refill your followers with our Refill Guarantee.

I've changed my mind; can I change or remove the order?+

Once payment is complete, our rapid systems begin delivering real TikTok growth to the account in the order. Due to the quick delivery, we're unable to undo the delivery.

However, with TikTok's unique app, you can unfollow the followers manually if you wish.

How do I stop my followers from replenishing?+

In the unlikely event, you want to stop the refills from replenishing, you can go on the tracking page for your order and disable the refills.

In order to find the tracking page:

  1. you will need to locate the email confirmation that you received from us, upon making the order
  2. From there, you can click on the "Track My Order" button on email
  3. On the page, you will see a white button labelled "Disable Refills" to disable and re-enable refills.
How often do you replenish the followers?+

After payment is complete, Tikoid will begin processing your order. Once delivery is complete, we'll automatically monitor your TikTok account for any drop in followers/likes/views that you've ordered.

In the unlikely event, you do experience any drops, our system will take action and begin reimbursing you with followers.